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Erica S.
club member since 2020

"I've been hooked since my first bag. I brew this for friends and family and they all agree it's the best coffee they've ever had. I still get excited to see that bag on my doorstep!"

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Our story We curate the best beans from around the world and small-batch roast just for you. With the freshest roasts delivered right to your door, you'll become your new favorite barista.

Eola Coffee was founded in 1927 as Orlando's original coffee company. We revived it as a women-owned tribute to Orlando's rich history, offering the convenience of at-home delivery with the freshest, high-quality coffee around. Taste the difference of fresh-roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep and never settle for stale coffee again.

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Frequently Asked Questions Questions? We’re here to help! Email us at [email protected]

What should I expect when I sign up? plus After sign up, you’ll receive a text when we are fresh-roasting and delivering in your neighborhood. These notifications will feature details on country origin and tasting notes, but we sell out quick so act fast! Add us to your contacts so you never miss a notification.
How much does it cost? plus Our single-origin coffee is $15 per bag with delivery included. Our monthly Coffee Club members receive discounted pricing at $14 per bag. Need more to get your fix? We also have bulk pricing available.
Why does it say "Sold Out" when I try to purchase? plus We sell out fast, so don’t sleep on those text notifications! Since we only curate the best beans, our roasts have limited availability. Become a member and never miss out.
How do I join the monthly Coffee Club? plus We love our Club members! Because we want them to have the best coffee experience we limit the amount of spots available. As availability opens in your area, you’ll receive a notification to join. You can also text COFFEE CLUB to 407-900-1927 for more details. Members receive discounts on bags, priority ordering on collabs, special merch and fun surprises!
Can I get Eola Coffee if I live outside Central Florida? plus We want everyone to experience our fresh-roasted coffee! We ship nationwide on select roast dates. You’ll receive a notification that we’re roasting and we ship right after you purchase. Shipping is an additional $3 per bag.
How can I gift Eola Coffee to my employees? plus We offer a special Eola Perks program, specifically designed for corporate gifting at a discounted price. Email us at [email protected] to learn more and become the best boss ever!
How do I get priority ordering on collaborations? plus We love partnering with other businesses to create a variety of offerings that complement our coffee. Become a monthly club member to receive priority ordering on all local collaborations.
How do I order Eola Coffee for my restaurant or business? plus We offer a wholesale program for retail deliveries and shipments that offers your business fresh-roasted coffee at competitive prices. Email us at [email protected] to discuss a wholesale partnership and learn more about roast options.
What's the best way to contact Eola coffee? plus You can reach us during business or delivery hours by text or phone at
407-900-1927 or email us any time at [email protected].

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